Fady Kassab: Writing from the back of your head

Fady is walking me through his set from the 2019 RAW Comedy Competition National Final, a set I must have heard at least 6 times. As he does I’m taken aback by the number of details that went over my head: a biblical reference to the Garden of Eden hidden in a one liner; anContinue reading “Fady Kassab: Writing from the back of your head”

EJ Rovedi and the Comic’s Comic

In the world of stand up comedy, a special place is reserved for the ‘Comic’s Comic’. Comedians whose names you’re more likely to hear in comedy club smoking areas than office lunch rooms or late night talk shows. Those who forsake television, film and podcasts to single mindedly pursue the craft they love. Performers who’sContinue reading “EJ Rovedi and the Comic’s Comic”

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